A Pop music veteran Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste is featured on many popular music tracks. Jomod Music Publishing Catalog is pleased to present the following songs which are available for creating advertisement licensing for film and television as well as treatment for rap and hip-hop! Please visit our License quote page so we may get started on your music requests immediately.

Big Love


Long Distance Company


Hot Heart


Cloud Nine


If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now


The Lovin Side




Road to Life


I Am The Cat


Pop Funk


Where are the Heroes?


Squeeze Me


I must be crazy




Use It or Loose It


Rockabye My Baby


Weekend Warrior


Gotta Get Up


Can you do it?


Techno Pop


Hot Loving


Latin Pop – English Version


Baby Talk


Pop Bubble Gum


I Need You


Hurry Up


You Do


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