Chris Rossbach Music with Lyrics Sep18


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Chris Rossbach Music with Lyrics

Chris Rossbach, is a legendary Bay Area guitarist, a musician’s musician whose taste, melodies, and phrasing are unparalleled. Exploring a realm of groove, Americana, jazz, and funk; the Chris Rossbach catalog presents acoustic chops with intimate, contemplative, and joyous melodies that hit you as deep as their ineffable sense of groove. Influenced by such jam-based acts as The Greatful Dead, Aquarium Rescue Unit, and Phish, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Rossbach creates the cutting edge of musical expression. Please visit our music page for samples of this impressive body of work.

Closer To The Ground


Doubt and Shame


Lazy Heart


Leaving Socorro


Love Wants To See Me Gone


Man On A Mission


Never Want To See You Fall


Refraction Of The Light


The Sweet Life


This Life